Our Services

We offer a comprehensive financial planning package that covers three key areas of your financial life:


Financial planning is essential in all stages of life, and investments are an integral part of any sound financial plan. Our objective at Menlo Asset Management is to assist you with an investment strategy that supports a long-term approach that is focused on an overall return on investment that work towards meeting your financial goals. Our team will review your investment strategy and periodically analyze your investment portfolio to address current market conditions that may affect your long-term investment plan.

Retirement Planning

Maintaining your current lifestyle in retirement should be your reward for a successful professional career, and an effective investment and savings plan. We help you to recognize your status within the planning process, identify available options for saving, and assist with creating a strategy to help pursue your retirement goals. We connect you with a highly-skilled retirement planning team that can assist you with everything from plan design, installation, administration, servicing, and investments.

We can help you move toward your retirement goals by assisting with the development of a strategy that is aimed at generating the income you will need to maintain your lifestyle.


We review the coverage levels, assets protected, premiums, and benefits of your insurance products. Then we develop tailored insurance strategies that help provide the complete protection and security you need now and in the future. Finally, we serve as a facilitator working closely with your other professional advisors to put an effective insurance plan in place.