About Us

Nestled in Menlo Park, our foundation is woven with a community-centric ethos, setting the stage for our distinctive approach. We specialize in personalized financial planning for individuals and businesses, guided by a holistic, goals-driven methodology. Committed to fostering trust, we prioritize your unique needs through keen listening, lifestyle analysis, and unwavering service. As financial stewards, we consider each client a valued member of our extended family, ensuring a seamlessly tailored approach that fits organically.

Our Unwavering Commitment:

Menlo Asset Management stands at the forefront of financial and retirement planning, taking a resolute stance on comprehensive strategies. Our dedicated advisors, nburdened by proprietary pressures, prioritize your interests. Immersed in your personal, familial, or business context, we meticulously craft financial counsel that harmonizes with your aspirations. Operating in the dynamic Bay Area, we transcend conventional services, fostering collaborations with professionals like attorneys and CPAs* for estate planning. With a legacy exceeding decades, we strive to stay ahead of regulatory changes, actively sponsoring educational events that aim to benefit our clients. We genuinely appreciate the opportunity to provide comprehensive and tailored services on your unique financial journey.

*Tax and legal services are not offered by Menlo Asset Management, LPL Financial or affiliated advisors.