Our Firm

Menlo Asset Management differentiates itself by following a holistic, goals-based approach to working with our clientele. Located in Menlo Park, we provide personalized financial planning and financial strategies to individual and business clients. We’ll earn your trust by listening to your financial needs and retirement goals, through careful analysis of your current and expected lifestyle, and by committing to continual service throughout our relationship. For decades, we’ve provided exceptional service to hundreds of clients throughout Northern California by adhering to the adage: "delivering more than you expect."

As a value-added service, we also sponsor several educational events and seminars throughout the year for our clients’ benefit. We pledge to stay current on regulatory, legal, and tax issues related to your financial well-being. Our recommendations, whether they are related to investment, pension or benefits-oriented plans, and/or insurance, reflect our combined years of experience and involvement in the financial services field.

We very much appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you.